Monday, July 31, 2017


During President Obama's time in office, Democrats experienced huge losses...1,042 state and federal Democratic posts including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships, and the presidency.

Why did it happen?

Look at the polling.  After approximately six months of Trump in office, the majority of Americans believe the Democrats stand for basically nothing.  54% believe the Democrats stood for nothing except being against President Trump, only 35% believe Democrats stand for "something."

Surprising?  Not really.  The only message Democrats have advanced during those six months is to "resist" the will of the American people and our President.  Even Rep. Nancy Pelosi joined in for the Resistance Summer festivities.

But hey, take heart, Democrats!  There is a "Better Deal." This fancy new deal was designed to win back the little people.  You know, blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  Fly-over country to the coastal elites that run the Democratic Party.  It includes trying to co-opt President Trump's plan to rebuild America's infrastructure while also advocating for higher taxes, fines, and fees with a push for increased regulations.  That should do it, right?

Can't make this stuff up.  It's like they hired these guys to come up with their new plan:

Is it any wonder the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is rethinking their close ties to the left?  The AFL-CIO includes a lot of building trades...workers who really feel the pinch when over-regulation creates endless delays in new projects.  How will their members do in an increased regulatory environment?  How will their workers cope with higher taxes?  How will their workers pay for healthcare given 120% increase in premiums under Obamacare and a Democratic party that refuses to work with Republicans on a fix?

The real problem Democrats face is born of intolerance and an utter lack of intellectual diversity in their policy shops.

One example of intolerance is how Blue Dog Democrats (centrists Democrats willing to work with Republicans to get things done) are treated.  Case in point: Tim Holden. Holden was defeated by a left-wing ideologue who is not only a member of the Progressive Caucus but serves as their Whip. This, in a district Trump won by over 10%.  How do you think the "resist" message plays for Cartwright's constituents?  Maybe PA-17 will make the 1,043rd loss for Democrats if a serious challenger emerges in 2018.

Another example is idiotic purity tests like the DNC chairman's recent commandment that all Democrats support abortion as a "non-negotiable" issue.  How does allegedly pro-life Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (also up in 2018 in a state Trump won) feel about having to pledge allegiance to abortion to be a good Democrat...1,044th loss?

And let's not forget the 1,042nd loss by the candidate who thought it was smart to call millions of Americans deplorable and irredeemable because they disagree with her.

The Democratic Party has run so far to the left that their candidates get serious support from Communists and actual endorsements from Socialists.  If anyone deviates from the "party line" they get run out of the Party.  And, predictable as ever, their latest "deal" is nothing more than an another anemic, stale retread of previously failed policies hatched by the same "thought leaders" who shepherded the Democratic Party into minority status.

Democrats don't need a better deal, they need better candidates, better ideas, and better leaders.

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