Tuesday, November 1, 2016

McGinty Meltdown

Katie McGinty, a former lobbyist, is the Democratic nominee for United States Senate hoping to represent Pennsylvania.  She's had a lot of problems with telling the truth throughout the campaign.  In fact, she even started her campaign with a lie.  Trouble is, she never really stopped the dishonesty.

Well, that led to an absolute take-down in her last debate.  The footage is below.  To set it up, McGinty has been advancing this false narrative that Toomey owned a banked that engaged in predatory lending.  It has been all over the Northeastern Pennsylvania media market.

McGinty and her allies have had so much trouble with the truth, an ad was pulled...because it wasn't honest.  Then, they edited the ad but found it pulled again, because it still wasn't truthful.

The press hammered McGinty (finally) on her false narratives and deceitful campaign causing her to lose her cool following her last debate.  McGinty was so flustered when confronted with the facts, she couldn't answer a direct question without parroting talking points about her opponent and/or stop talking about herself in the third person.  Watch:

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