Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Local Democrats Support Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Immigration

On Monday, the House of Representatives voted on HB 1885.  The legislation had great bi-partisan support, passing 136-55 and was sent to the Senate.  The legislation penalized sanctuary cities in Pennsylvania for failing to enforce current law.

What is a sanctuary city?  A municipality that refuses to cooperate with the Federal Government when they apprehend an individual in the United States illegally.  This is a conscious decision made by each municipality's leaders as it is done through declaration of policy.  And, even though federal law requires cooperation, many municipalities refuse to do so.

This issue drew national attention recently when Kathryn Steinle was allegedly shot by an individual in the country illegally within the sanctuary city of San Francisco.  This individual had been previously deported five times. Steinle's family later filed a lawsuit against the city to force enforcement of current law.

Clearly, this tragic loss of life could have been prevented had current law been enforced.  Also clear, this is lost on many of our local legislators.

Here is the roll call on this measure, so voters can see who supports illegal immigration and who supports enforcement of our current laws.  The following Northeastern Pennsylvania representatives voted against the measure and instead, supported illegal immigration:
Rep. Frank Farina (D-112)
Rep. Marty Flynn (D-113)
Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich (D-114)
Rep. Michael B. Carroll (D-118)
Rep. Eddie Day Pachinski (D-121)

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