Saturday, October 8, 2016

Clinton / McGinty Trample Steamtown Marathon

The Hillary Clinton for President and Katie McGinty for United States Senate campaigns were collaborating with the teacher's union to hold a rally with United States Senator Bernie Sanders in downtown Scranton. 

Fearing rain, the event was moved into the Scranton High School.  The problem, the event was already booked for the Steamtown Marathon - an event that has raised and donated $1,450,000 to Saint Joseph's Center since 1996.

If you have never heard of Saint Joseph's Center, you should check them out.  The center is a helping hand to individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, developmental delay, pregnant women, young families, couples hoping to adopt, and people who require outpatient therapy.

Bill King, Director of the Steamtown Marathon, joined Sue Henry on WILK News Radio to explain how the Clinton/McGinty campaigns were hurting the event.  Apparently, the campaigns don't care.  The event is scheduled to go on anyway, squeezing out an event that benefits some of the most helpless among us.

Maybe Hillary Clinton should change her slogan from "I'm with her" to "It's all about her."

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