Monday, June 22, 2015

Forgotten Taxpayers

In a letter to the editor, Lackawanna County's Democratic trio of Commissioners respond to a letter to the editor about the stadium at PNC Field.  In the letter, they state "no taxpayer funds were used in the construction or will be used in the maintenance of PNC Field."  They go on to say "The reconstruction of PNC Field was funded with a combination of state grant funds and borrowing covered by the lease payments from the Yankees and our hotel tax fund."

No taxpayers funds were used?

Where do the Democrats running Lackawanna County believe grant funds come from?  And who, but taxpayers, pay the hotel tax?

This, from Wansacz and Staback, both former state representatives.  Even "Cheese" O'Malley, the third Democratic commissioner, should have a grasp of grant funds given his experience on the Scranton School Board.

The government does not produce a product.  It takes from those it governs and applies that taking to the administration of government, including grants.

Too often, the taxpayers are forgotten by out-of-touch politicians like this bunch of Democratic Commissioners.

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