Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Willful Blindness, Lazy, or Something Else?

In today’s Scranton Times-Tribune they got around to reporting on the challenge to Lee Morgan’s petitions that was reported here on March 19th.

Remarkably, the story stated the following:
Mr. Flynn and Mr. Morgan, who live in Scranton, filed petitions seeking the Democratic nomination for the 113th state House District seat, which Mr. Flynn won in 2012. No Republican filed. If Mr. Morgan is thrown off the ballot, Mr. Flynn would have no Democratic or Republican opposition, although someone could mount a write-in vote campaign for the seat. 

Fellas, there is a Republican in the race. How does a reporter write about a race, presumably using the Department of State website that lists all the candidates AND the challenges that may be filed against them, and miss the fact that there is a Republican in there?

It’s easy to see why many would argue that the Scranton Times-Tribune is more the local propaganda arm of the Democratic Party than a newspaper when stuff like this happens.

The Scranton Times-Tribune should immediately update their online edition to correct their negligence and run a correction in tomorrow’s print edition that states that, despite their claim to the contrary, there is a Republican challenger to Marty Flynn, his name is Marcel Lisi, and the paper would like to apologize to Mr. Lisi and the electorate for failing to actually research a race before writing about it.

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