Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Petition Challenges

Circulating nomination petitions are a regular part of a campaign.  Without the requisite signatures and proper filings, candidates may not be granted ballot access.  The laws governing ballot access are both direct and specific.  The myriad legal decisions modifying them can be difficult to navigate. 

Volunteers and in many cases the candidate will circulate these petitions gathering signatures from other members of their political party that reside in the district for which they are seeking office, asking that the name of the candidate be placed on the ballot.

This occurs over a three week period.

Because of the inevitable errors that will occur when having volunteers gather signatures from these electors, campaigns typically get more than are needed - sometimes even two or three times more than the minimum - to guarantee their candidate's name is placed upon the ballot.

This process also gives a campaign the opportunity to test its grassroots strength.  Particularly since there is a very short period of time to gather said signatures.

According to the PA Department of State, the following candidates from NEPA or running statewide have had their petitions challenged at the time of writing:

  • Robert R. Guzzardi, Republican candidate for Governor
  • Joseph V. Paterno Jr., Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor
  • Lee Briane Morgan, Democratic candidate for 113th State Representative

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