Monday, March 10, 2014

Businesses Flee Democratic Scranton

Last week, two business began pulling up stakes for neighboring communities taking 300 jobs with them.  Democratic Mayor Bill Courtright doesn't believe it's because of the threat of tax increases or Scranton's inability to govern itself efficiently.

Sure, Bill.  Keep telling yourself that.

Scranton has been and remains, a mess.  This mess has been perpetuated by Scranton's continual desire to maintain the status quo of one party rule.  With the exception of one city which recently busted that cycle, every Act 47 Distressed Municipality in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is dominated by Democrats.

You get the government you vote for, Scranton.  If you keep voting for Democrats that have no problem raising taxes, raising fees, and borrowing money they can never hope to pay back, don't be surprised when they do exactly that and leave you with the bill.  Those aren't sound economic principles.  In fact, as the Act 47 designation has clearly demonstrated, that type of governance leads to only one thing, bankruptcy.

Moody's said last year that Scranton faced bankruptcy and it is that type of environment that most businesses would seek to avoid.  Don't be surprised if businesses continue to jump ship, taking their jobs with them.

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