Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2013 ACU Ratings for NEPA

The American Conservative Union (ACU) was founded in 1964, making it the oldest and the largest grassroots conservative organization in these United States.  Their focus is on the traditional conservative principles of liberty, personal responsibility, traditional values, and a strong national defense.

Since 1971, the ACU has ranked members of congress.  More recently, they began rating state legislatures.

For the 2013 Pennsylvania rankings, the ACU examined the voting record of each member of the legislature and gave them a score from 0-100% with 0% being the most liberal voting records and 100% being the most conservative voting records.

The scores in the Northeast:

State Senate:
Republican Senator Dave Argall: 100%
Republican Senator Lisa Baker: 56%
Democratic Senator John Blake: 44%
Democratic Senator Lisa Boscola: 22%
Republican Senator Pat Browne: 89%
Republican Senator John Gordner: 88%
Republican Senator Gene Yaw: 78%
Democratic Senator John Yudichak: 44%

State House of Representatives:
Republican Representative Karen Boback: 73%
Republican Representative Rosemary Brown: 80%
Democratic Representative Mike Carroll: 27%
Republican Representative Garth Everett: 100%
Democratic Representative Frank Farina: 20%
Democratic Representative Marty Flynn: 7%
Democratic Representative Kevin Haggerty: 9%
Republican Representative Doyle Heffley: 80%
Democratic Representative Sid Kavulich: 27%
Republican Representative Jerry Knowles: 80%
Republican Representative Sandy Major: 80%
Republican Representative Kurt Masser: 93%
Republican Representative Dave Millard: 80%
Democratic Representative Gerald Mullery: 40%
Democratic Representative Phyllis Mundy: 20%
Democratic Representative Eddie Day Pashinski: 20%
Republican Representative Mike Peifer: 80%
Republican Representative Tina Pickett: 80%
Republican Representative Mario Scavello: 73%
Republican Representative Tarah Toohil: 100%

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