Saturday, February 8, 2014

Still No Answers on Missing Fuel

The Times Leader reported yesterday that Luzerne County's Republican District Attorney, Stefanie Salavantis has still not completed her investigation into fuel missing from Wilkes-Barre's fuel tanks.  The investigation began in July of 2012 when the same paper reported that gasoline and diesel fuel were missing from the DPW.

This isn't a few gallons either.

The Department of Revenue figured it was about 67,000 gallons of tax-free fuel that was unaccounted for and sent off a $25,919 assessment.

So first, the Times-Leader deserves thanks for exposing, well, whatever it is that was going on.  But second, one has to question why it is taking such an incredibly long time to complete this investigation, forcing the "whatever it is that was going on" description.

Investigations by law enforcement are serious matters.  Before any charges are filed it is critical that the authorities perform absolute due diligence to guarantee that they have uncovered the facts correctly and entirely.

If nothing else, it is clear that the Democratic administration responsible for maintaining proper accounting procedures of taxpayers resources was an absolute failure.  This certainly can and probably has made the investigation more difficult.

In a few months, the taxpayers will have been waiting two years for answers on the missing fuel.  If more resources are needed, even on a short-term basis, the District Attorney's office should be given what is needed to properly bring this investigation to a close.

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bill said...

Missing fuel may be like missing drugs in the Evidence Room. Used or sold off to line some unauthorized pockets.