Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bob Casey Jr. Scores 7 out of 7

Politico has a story about Hillary Clinton's "Hit List."  What they describe as a "favor file of saints and sinners," which is basically lifted from a new book: HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton.

In this list, people that helped or hurt Mrs. Clinton's efforts during the 2008 campaign are recorded.  1 is for the most helpful of supporters, 7 is reserved for the most treacherous of politicians that betrayed her.

Scranton's own Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey has earned himself a 7 with his March, 2008 endorsement of BHO when he said:
“This campaign is a chance for America, a chance for America to chart a new course …  I believe in my heart that there’s one person who's uniquely qualified to lead us in that new direction, and that is Barack Obama.”
What does that mean for Casey Jr?  Probably not much.  If Mrs. Clinton does actually run for president in 2016, that will give the Senator plenty of time to kiss butt and mend fences.  There really is no road to victory for Clinton (or any Democrat, really) that doesn't run through Pennsylvania and that will be Casey's get out of jail free card.

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