Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scranton Unions: FU, Pay Me

Classic scene from Goodfellas.  Warning, language alert.

After reading the recent reporting by the Scranton Times-Tribune, the first thought that came to mind was a scene from Goodfellas (above).

If you missed the story, the Scranton Police and Fire unions won a massive settlement against the City of Scranton.  The city owes them over $20 million and it is collecting massive amounts of interest every day that the settlement isn't paid.

Earlier in the year, the unions sought and received a judgement against the city to claim property, if need be, to recover their award.  At the time, they threatened to take the fire trucks and even City Hall itself to satisfy the award.

Now, they are calling on the city to use its taxing authority to raise taxes to pay the award.  This special tax would likely be on top of the already massive tax increase Scrantonians will face next year.

Scranton is broke, its credit is shot, and it has very little in assets when compared to the massive debts (beyond even this award) that have been accumulated under Scranton's 100% Democratic rule for the last decade.

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Mark Cour said...

The video is perfect.

F-U Scranton, from me and my union brothers!