Thursday, November 7, 2013

OMG Bill Courtright is going to be Mayor!

“When I was driving home, I said, 'Oh my God, I'm going to be mayor.”
Scranton Democratic Mayor-elect Bill Courtright
The Scranton Times-Tribune, 11/7/2013

At least a few thousand people in the City of Scranton were likely thinking the same thing when they learned that Bill Courtright was going to be their next mayor.

Two other points jump out from the interview:

Now that he has been elected, Mr. Courtright is going to meet with PEL.  PEL is Scranton’s recovery coordinator.  The larger point is that Mr. Courtright seems to suggest that he has not met with them yet.

Whenever a new leader is elected for a governmental body, there is typically a transition period.  The new administration typically selects experienced, educated individuals who can help evaluate the current landscape and make recommendations.

Mr. Courtright announced that Scranton will have a transition team.  And, in the spirit of nepotism that has plagued Northeastern Pennsylvania, Mr. Courtright’s brother will serve on it along with two other people that the mayor-elect wouldn’t name publicly.

Scranton, you have an enterprise with a few hundred employees and a budget that comes in around $100 million a year and you just selected a man best known for breaking bricks with his head to run it.

Does it surprise you that brick-head-elect also believes it is perfectly acceptable to make his first official act – naming his transition team – opaque in that he hasn’t disclosed all the names of the individuals that will serve and nepotistic in that the only named individual will be his brother?

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