Friday, November 8, 2013

Controller Bednar

It's somewhat expected for local politicians to lend their support or their endorsement to local candidates.  It is less common to see statewide office holders weigh in on a county election.  Nonetheless, Pennsylvania Democrat and current Auditor General Eugene DePasquale endorsed Democrat Michelle Bednar for Luzerne County Controller.

During the interview she was asked, in the context of concerns about the new form of government and a major tax increase on the horizon, what she wants taxpayers to know now that she will be taking over the position of county controller.  The best rendering of her response:
I would like to a, just to make sure a, just to make sure to say that I will be there for everyone and um, I will like tackle the job as to be there.
She was then asked about how she will work with the county manager and county council.  Again, the best rendering of her response:
I will be there to work, right, side by side with them, I am like, you know I will be there to, make efficient, umm job security, and umm, to, to be sure that I will work with them, like whatever, whatever should come up to, that to tackle a job, I will be there.
The crowd cheered at the conclusion of the interview.

As Auditor General, Mr. DePasquale understands how important the job of County Controller is.  His candidate, Michelle Bednar, won.  If she doesn't work out, if she doesn't tackle the job as to be there or make efficient job security, the good people of Luzerne County should remember that when his re-elect comes around in 2016.

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