Saturday, September 28, 2013

Democrats May Kill PA Transportation Bill

In June the Pennsylvania Senate passed an overwhelmingly bipartisan transportation funding bill by a vote of 45-5.  The bill would pump $2.5 billion into fixing Pennsylvania's roads and bridges as well as other transportation and infrastructure needs across the Commonwealth.

Majority Leader Turzai has called for an up or down vote on the Senate measure.  Some Republicans oppose the measure, largely because they believe it either spends too much or increases taxes and fees too much.  Democrats in Pennsylvania have rarely met a tax increase or fee increase they didn't like.  In fact, when they ran things under Governor Rendell, their legacy was explained as "tax increases, and proposed tax increases, along with record spending and borrowing."

So why are they opposing transportation funding?  Because they don't want Governor Corbett to claim a legislative victory.  In short, they're playing politics.

Pennsylvania's bridges are among the worst in the nation.  If a representative has a principled opposition to raising taxes and fees (think Grover Norquist's No-Tax Pledge,) they should vote no.  But if they aren't opposed to raising taxes or fees in the Commonwealth, they should come up with a better excuse for allowing Pennsylvania's infrastructure to crumble than politics.

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