Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cartwright Indecisive on Syria

As far as our local Members of Congress, Republican Tom Marino was the first out of the gate against war with Syria.  Barletta wanted to wait until he had a classified briefing to make a decision.  After the briefing, he released a statement opposing President Obama's call to bomb Syria.

The head scratcher is Democratic Congressman Matt Cartwright.

Above is an interview he gave over the weekend.  He said he wanted to see the evidence with his own eyes.  In essence, the same thing that Barletta said about getting his briefing.  Post briefing, Cartwright is still undecided.

Interestingly, Cartwright brought up hearing from constituents at town halls...still haven't been able to track down any that he had during his August vacation.  Maybe he was talking about other members.  Or maybe still, he had a town hall that we haven't heard about.

Matt Dietz, Cartwright's Republican opponent, issued a release calling for Cartwright to oppose President Obama's efforts to attack Syria.

During his interview, Cartwright says 80% of his constituents oppose attacking Syria.  He has had his briefing where he can see the evidence.  What more will it take for Cartwright to make a decision on Syria?

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