Saturday, August 31, 2013


Johnny Cash - San Quentin (live from prison)

Friday, August 30, 2013

New F&M Poll - Obama Worse Off Than Corbett

A new Franklin & Marshall College poll was released on Wednesday.

When taken together (somewhat unfavorable + strongly unfavorable), more Pennsylvania voters have an unfavorable opinion of Barack Obama than Tom Corbett. 50% have an unfavorable opinion of President Obama while 46% have an unfavorable opinion of Governor Corbett.  When you strip it away to just the strongly unfavorable, 41% of Pennsylvanians have an unfavorable opinion of Obama while 32% feel that way about Corbett.

On job performance, 42% of Pennsylvania believes President Obama is doing a poor job and 33% say the same for Governor Corbett.

Most of the reporting has focused entirely on Governor Tom Corbett and his re-election chances.  Some context is conspicuously absent.

In March of 2011, the year preceding his re-election year, President Obama's total unfavorable rating was at 44%.  Corbett's today is at 46%.  At that same time, 16% of the electorate was undecided or didn't know how they felt about Obama.  Today, 31% fall into that category for Corbett.

There simply isn't a statistically significant difference between Obama and Corbett when examining their unfavorables.  And, as far as those that haven't made up their minds on it, Corbett has a pool of voters nearly twice as large as President Obama did that may be open to supporting him.

With numbers like those, President Obama still went on to win Pennsylvania with 51.97% of the vote.  Despite the dreams of many a partisan reporter, that is still a possibility for Governor Corbett.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bloomsburg Bans Firearms

Both ABC27 and the Press Enterprise report that firearms will be banned from the Bloomsburg Fair this year.  Despite being unable to recall a single incident of firearm misuse at past events, Police & Parking Supervisor Bill Barratt still wants the citizenry disarmed.  It is also reported that police will conduct searches as people enter to enforce the Bloomsburg Fair's new gun control measure.

Should you wish to contact the board members, including Mr. Barratt, you can find their emails here.  Unless Mr. Barratt is acting unilaterally, these individuals should also have a say in whether or not law-abiding citizens should have their civil rights revoked for nothing more than attending an event.

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NoFX - Leave It Alone:

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Fugazi - Waiting Room

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mulligan for Mayor

The Republicans in Lackawanna County last night selected Scranton Attorney Jim Mulligan as their candidate for Mayor in the City of Scranton.

Mulligan replaces Gary Lewis, who withdrew his candidacy.

Mr. Mulligan has a tough resume to beat.  He is highly educated, having obtained his B.S. from Pennsylvania State University, his Masters Degree in Public Administration from Villanova University, and his J.D. from Antioch School of Law.

In addition to his private law practice he is also a small business owner and a former Assistant District Attorney.

His education, combined with his work experience uniquely positions him to understand the difficulty small business owners face in the City of Scranton.

His time in the District Attorney's office gives him invaluable experience in coping with Scranton's crime problem.

One of the more difficult things parents face in the City of Scranton is watching their children leave because they cannot find gainful employment in the city.  Mr. Mulligan and his wife have nine children so they are no doubt acutely aware of this burden and have more skin in this game than most to be motivated to change it.

The Republicans picked one of the most educated, experienced, credible candidates they have had in a long time to help the City of Scranton through this truly dark economic time.  With the prospect of a 117% tax increase on the horizon, now more than ever it is critical that Scranton put aside its petty partisan politics and chose a candidate that is truly prepared to lead.

Friday, August 2, 2013


National Review Online broke a story on Wednesday indicating that there may have been collusion between high-level Obama Administration officials and the Federal Election Commission regarding the entirely unfair persecution of conservative groups by the IRS.

It's worth the read.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Obama: Tax Cuts for Big Business, Tax Hikes for Small Business Owners

The New York Times reports that President Obama would like to modify the U.S. Tax Code.  His proposal is to cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 28% and to hike the top individual tax rate to 39.6%.

The individual tax rate is the rate that many small business owners pay.

Oh, and remember this?

Part of his proposal is to also close "tax loopholes," though he didn't describe what any of those might be.  Flashback to 2012, candidate Obama excoriated Mitt Romney for talking about closing tax loopholes without stating what those specific loopholes might be.

What do the Democrats have against small business owners?