Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wegmans To Cut Benefits Due To Obamacare

Buffnews.com is reporting that Wegmans, a fine grocery store with several locations in NEPA, is slashing benefits because of Obamacare.  Impacted by the change are many of the store's part-time employees.

Obamacare only requires health insurance for employees that work 30+ hours.  And, since health insurance will be more expensive under Obamacare, it should be no surprise that employers are looking to save money.

Labor unions too.  Yes, even labor unions are turning on the President's signature legislation now that the rhetoric has fallen away and the reality has set in.

Democrats didn't read the bill but partied when it passed. 

They fought for the re-election of President Obama in 2012, effectively making this crap sandwich impossible to repeal, and partied after Obama won. 

Now they, and the rest of the country, are left with the hangover.

You get the government you vote for.

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