Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kane's Politics a "Dangerous Proposition"

Comparing the campaign rhetoric a candidate makes with their actual record is always an interesting proposition.

Candidate Kathleen Kane took her opponent to task for suggesting that he would not enforce certain laws.  She stated "The attorney general does not have the right to pick and choose which laws he or she enforces," and suggested that doing so was a "dangerous proposition." She then went on to say "We need to make sure we enforce the laws, or you are just playing politics."

Politics indeed, Ms. Kane, politics indeed.

Given Kathleen Kane's willful refusal to follow the law that not only created her office as it is today but also demands that the Attorney General defend every law of the Commonwealth from any challenge and given that her refusal is based solely on her opinion of said law, do you believe she would extend those same rights to average, ordinary citizens so that they too could willfully refuse to follow a law that they deemed unconstitutional?

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