Tuesday, June 18, 2013


With revelations of new and innovative ways for the Obama administration to stalk American citizens discretely, it seemed like a perfect time to talk about one of the new ways they will do so publicly and legally - Obamacare.

On 19 June the Obama Health and Human Services issued a rule requiring that local, state, and federal government agencies share private health information or PNI.  This also applies to insurance companies.

This agency and insurer data-swapping is done to make sure that you have the appropriate, government-approved amount of insurance necessary to avoid a punitive tax penalty.

It is also worth noting that the rule doesn't contain language whereby the patient grants this sharing of data.  Instead, the government is just ordering it to be shared.

You can read about how the Obama administration is sharing your information by navigating to the section "Verification of eligibility for minimum essential coverage other than through an eligible employer-sponsored plan."

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