Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obama Regime Doubles Down on Official Oppression of Conservatives

Amid hearings on how the Obama Administration used the IRS to bully, stymie, and generally harass Tea Party Groups the Obama regime appears to have doubled down on those efforts.

Report, after report, after report, after report shows that armed DHS Federal Agents were dispatched to Tea Party rallies held last Tuesday to protest the unethical and likely illegal behavior of the IRS as it relates to those that oppose the policies of President Obama.

This behavior is more akin to a dictator’s banana republic than a constitutional republic.  For those keeping score, Obama’s goons have now used the IRS to demand information they aren’t allowed to ask for, delayed tax filings for 27 months simply because an organization opposed Obama, tapped the phones of reporters, read the emails of dissenters, and now used armed federal agents to intimidate protesters.

The Tea Party is a non-violent group.  Occupy Wall Street was the violent group that broke all sorts of laws yet, DHS doesn’t appear to have been dispatched to monitor them leading any clear-thinking individual to come to the logical conclusion that this is politically motivated.

This is another clear demonstration of the Obama regime using the full resources of the federal government to intimidate and suppress law-abiding citizens with dissenting opinions.

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