Saturday, May 11, 2013

IRS Apologizes for ‘Wrong’, ‘Incorrect’, ‘Insensitive’, ‘Inappropriate’ Targeting of Conservatives

Have anything to do with the Tea Party or Patriot movement?  The IRS has a few questions for you.  At least they did, during the 2012 election.   Oh, and even though the IRS is not allowed to ask you for things like your donor lists, they still want to see them.

The IRS claims that only low-level employees were involved and that upper-level people had no knowledge of the practice.  They also claim it wasn’t political.  Both the AP story and The Atlantic story fail to indicate if those involved were fired, a valid question that should have been asked.

The IRS has a great deal of power.  Too much, if actions like this can go on unchecked. 

At a minimum, the employment of anyone directly involved as well as anyone so incompetent to have been managing these employees and not discovered this apparent abuse of power should be immediately terminated.  Congress should then impose stiff criminal penalties for any IRS employee found to have engaged in this type of behavior in the future.

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