Thursday, August 2, 2012

Obama’s “Truth” Team

Way back in February, PoliticsPA covered the rebirth of Obama’s Truth Team in Pennsylvania.  Local members now include:

Senator John Blake
Former County Commissioner Mike Washo

We wanted to look at the 2008 list to see who was missing, who was new, etc.  But, we found it to be conspicuously difficult to locate.  Thankfully, LittleGreenFootballs has part of the 2008 list.  Because it is only part of the list, this is by no means an exhaustive comparison.  With even this partial list, two names jump out at you:

U.S. Senator Bob Casey
Senator Bob Mellow

Both of these guys were on the team in 2008 but are absent in 2012, according to the list linked above.

As much as most folks would love to see Senator Mellow on the stump for Obama in 2012, it is understandable that he doesn’t have time to campaign this year.

But why no Bob Casey?  Senator Casey was quick to endorse his “uniquely qualified” friend in 2008.  It seems odd that he would turn his back on him a few short years later.

It can’t be because he disagrees with him politically since Bob Casey supported President Obama’s position well over 90% of the time.

Heck, President Obama thinks so much of Casey, he described him as “one of my dearest friends” and “one of my favorite people” that “always had my back” and said they “share a lot in common.”

It’s surprising (and perhaps telling) that Obama supporters in PA aren’t questioning Senator Casey about the breakup. 

One plausible explanation is that President Obama, Senator Casey, or both of them are far more vulnerable in this year’s election than the pundits predict.  Linked together, they may drag each other down in the polls.

One thing is certain, if they are an electoral liability to each other, Tom Smith will happily play matchmaker to get these two back together.