Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fast and Furious Deadline Approaches

On Thursday, the House is scheduled to vote on whether or not Attorney General Eric Holder should be held in contempt for failing to provide documents to Congress related to Operation Fast and Furious, an Obama-administration program which not only left Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry dead, but also left a body count in the hundreds across the Mexican border.

The White House exerted executive privilege over the documents (at the request of AG Holder) to shield them from the House and eventually, the public.

Executive privilege can be exerted over deliberative documents within the Executive Branch of government.  Doing so however, provides a tacit acknowledgement that the White House was involved in the deliberation of some facet of the operation, which has been denied.  In the absence of such deliberation, the exertion of executive privilege would be invalid.

Like the economy, the White House would prefer to forget about Fast and Furious.  It is so far from their mind, they couldn't even remember the name of Brian Terry - the Border Patrol Agent killed with a Fast and Furious gun:

If AG Holder refuses to provide the requested documents, his richly-deserved contempt should be confirmed by a vote of the House on Thursday.

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