Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What World Does Obama Live in?

According to the EPA, 49.61% of U.S. electricity is generated by using coal.  Pennsylvania plays a tremendous role in this industry.

According to the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Pennsylvania coal created more than 41,500 jobs in the Commonwealth and added $7.5 billion in economic output into our economy. 

Over half of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties have a coal company in them.

Pennsylvania doesn’t just mine coal, it also has the largest mining machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in the country.

Pennsylvania is also the fourth largest producer of coal in the nation, using it to provide 54% of our own electricity generation and exporting it our coal to 30 different states.

Coal is still King in Pennsylvania.

Any student of economics will tell you that when you increase the cost of doing business, the cost of the product that business produces will also go up.  Another basic lesson of economics is that if you make it harder for a business to do business, it will kill jobs.

Need proof of the effect of regulation on prices?  Fox News reports that the company that manages Pennsylvania’s energy grid, PJM Interconnection, held their 2015 capacity auction.  This was the first auction that incorporates President Obama’s new coal regulations.  The price per megawatt of energy went from $16 pre-regulation to $167 post-regulation.  That will translate into dramatically higher energy prices for Pennsylvanians.

But, if you ask the Obama Administration about their regulations, you might not get a straight answer.  A leaked internal Obama Administration report confirms this.  When the “real world” numbers came out about just how many jobs the Obama Administration would strangle with his coal-killer regulations, according to a transcript, they asked that the calculations be changed, that they “pretend.”

President Obama understands exactly what damage he is doing to Pennsylvania and other coal-producing states.  He acknowledged as much when he spoke about his war on coal a few years ago.  In the video above, he very clearly states that his policy will both bankrupt the coal industry and cause energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket.”  Based on the new prices for 2015, it looks like we finally have a promise kept by the Obama White House.

Pennsylvania’s economy isn’t a “pretend” economy and Pennsylvanians don’t live in Obama’s “pretend” economic world.  Regulations have results and Obama’s regulations will result in killing Pennsylvania energy, killing Pennsylvania manufacturing, and killing Pennsylvania jobs.

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