Monday, May 21, 2012

The Romney "Mormon Militia" Question

Did Mitt Romney do enough to stop the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857?  Before voters go to the polls in November, shouldn’t they really ask themselves that question?  Sure, Romney’s only 65 years old but, could he have done more to prevent this massacre that occurred over 150 years ago?

That is the lunacy of the left.

In a thinly veiled attempt to talk about anything other than the Obama Economy, the Washington Post ran a story detailing the hard feelings that still exist in Arkansas against Mormons because of their participation in a massacre in 1857.

The Romney connection?  He’s a Mormon.  Because he belongs to the same faith as the people who did this, people that probably died something like 75 years before he was even born, WaPo asks if it will hurt his chances in Arkansas.

Surely Arkansas voters won’t care about why gas has doubled, why unemployment has been sky-high, or why our national debt has increased by over $5 trillion under President Obama’s leadership.  Instead, they will go to polls in November and vote strictly on the Massacre of 1857 – an incident that occurred nearly a century before Mitt Romney was even born.

150+ year-old stories about religion aren’t exactly news so you are never going to convince me that this story wasn’t sitting on a shelf somewhere waiting for the appropriate time to be published.

So, we are left with the questions “why Arkansas?” and “why now?”  It’s too easy to dismiss this as just another attempt by the Obama campaign of making Romney seem “weird.”

Is the media so afraid of a repeat of West Virginia, where a current federal inmate almost beat Obama in the Primary from his jail cell in Texas, that they would see fit to advance this kind of garbage to salvage the Obama Campaign?

What is certain is that Obama has a record that he should be running on and he isn’t.  Instead, his allies in the media are offering up 150+ year-old stories about religion in the middle of an economic crisis.  Is it any wonder we are still suffering dire financial times?

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