Sunday, April 8, 2012

Solyndra … Kanjorski Style

In his July 3, 2010 weekly address entitled A SOLAR RECOVERY, President Obama announced $2 billion in Department of Energy spending to two energy companies.

President Obama promised that one of the two companies, Abound Solar, was to create 2,000 constructions jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs by producing “millions of state-of-the-art solar panels each year” and was touted as one of the “many clean energy investments in the Recovery Act.”

Abound had ties to Northeastern Pennsylvania and a then-sitting United States Congressman, Paul Kanjorski. Paul Kanjorski’s nephew, Russell Kanjorski, was Vice-President of Marketing at Abound Solar.

And yes, this is the same Russell Kanjorski that was part of the failed and bankrupt Cornerstone Technologies that his uncle, Paul Kanjorski, helped obtain around $9 million in taxpayer dollars for.

Russ later jumped ship on Abound and it seems like it was a smart move. Abound recently announced that they would lay off about half of their workforce.

Abound seems to be going the way of Solyndra.

The Obama Administration is fixated on propping up industries like solar energy that cannot exist in our United States marketplace without taxpayer-funded subsidies. And, for all their talk of renewable energy, much around solar is anything but renewable.

Solar panels themselves require replacement and disposal. When they aren’t requiring water for steam turbines, they are using it for washing mirrors and panels and cooling auxiliary equipment. Not to mention the incredibly toxic elements used in the panels themselves like lead, cadmium, and greenhouse gas nitrogen triflouride.

Until the United States gets serious about streamlining the permit process for manufacturing, the solar industry will continue to be dominated by China. No amount of taxpayer loans will change that.

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