Friday, April 27, 2012

Ray Nearhood Successful in 112th District Write-In

From a release:

Scranton, PA – Based on unofficial returns, Ray Nearhood was successful in his effort to secure the Republican nomination for Representative in the General Assembly for the 112th Legislative District.  Mr. Nearhood released the following statement:

“I would like to thank the hundreds of voters who took the time to write my name in for State Representative.  I would also like to thank the many volunteers that helped make our write-in campaign successful.  The results of today’s tabulation are incredibly encouraging.

“Voters from across the district came together in support of my candidacy and to guarantee that they would have a choice in the November General Election.  We all know there are many problems in Harrisburg.  My work in the private sector, background in public administration, and real-world experience working with municipalities and counties across the Commonwealth uniquely qualify me to offer real, common sense solutions to those problems.

“I look forward to the opportunity to discuss those solutions throughout the upcoming campaign season.”

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roosevelt Democrats?

In a recent interview with the Republican Herald, Democrat Matt Cartwright calls himself a “Franklin Roosevelt Democrat."  So, I thought I might examine a bit of history – shameful history – that Roosevelt was a major player in.

World War II was arguably the largest, most violent, costliest war in world history.  There were more deaths incurred during this war than in any war previous or since.

Historians argue whether WWII began when Japan invaded Manchuria, when Germany invaded Poland, or if it really was just a continuation of World War I with a slight respite.  One thing is clear, for the United States, World War II began on December 7, 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Most school-age children are taught the history of our involvement in WWII from that point forward.  What isn’t often discussed is FDR’s disturbing domestic response to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Under Executive Order 9066, issued on February 19, 1942, Roosevelt ordered the internment of over 125,000 American citizens based on their race.  The Japanese, Korean, German, and Italian Americans caught up in Roosevelt’s prison camps were given a few days’ notice to enter one of the 10 military-controlled prison camps Roosevelt established on American soil.  They were only allowed to take what they could carry.

No due process rights were afforded these Americans.  They were simply forced into these camps, perhaps at the barrel of a gun, and held against their will for years.

Republican President Ronald Reagan, on August 10, 1988, signed into law the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 which, among other things, offered a presidential apology for Roosevelt’s actions as well as a symbolic payment of $20,000.00 to those who lost their liberty or their property in Roosevelt’s prison camps.

Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt a racist?  Historians will look at this as well as Roosevelt’s treatment of Jesse Owens after the 1936 Berlin Olympics and find the answer to that question murky.

And really, no man can know the heart of another man.  That is between him and his God.  As mere mortals, we are left to look only at the words and actions of another to judge his character.  One thing, however, we can be sure of – Roosevelt had no problem sacrificing liberty for security.  Liberty, something Reagan spoke about often and held in the highest esteem.

I, for one, will take a Reagan Democrat over a Roosevelt Democrat any day.

The Video Twitter Didn’t Want You to See

If I wanted America to fail…

@FreeMarket_US had their account suspended by twitter after posting the above video.  The response has been both astounding and viral.  The video now has 317,450 views in the four days it has been up.

Dogs Against Obama

The Romney vs. Obama race is becoming a dogfight.  The left continually barked about Romney placing his dog in a carrier on the roof of his car while traveling.  The right had enough.  In what appears to be an attempt to demonstrate the absurdity of these attacks and bring the conversation back to stuff that really matters (gas prices, the economy, jobs, etc.) they pointed out that the only person to ever eat a dog in the race for the presidency was Barack Obama.

The story has now taken a life of its own with a webpage Dogs Against Obama.

From there, we have a rip off of the Humane Society commercials:

A registered dog eater video:

And the obligatory Dogeater music video:

The whole issue of dogs and the resulting posts are ridiculous.  They are however illustrative of a point that needs to be made.  What of the President's record?  Why are President Obama and his campaign operatives talking about a dog instead of the economy, jobs, and gas prices?

Monday, April 23, 2012

Another Obama Downgrade

The Egan-Jones Ratings Company has again downgraded our country’s credit rating.  Egan-Jones previously reduced our rating in July of 2011.

One of the primary movers for the decline was the fact that the US Debt has increased so much under Obama.  In his three years in office, the US Debt has increased more than under the entire eight years of George W. Bush.

That’s pretty bad.

Specifically troubling to Egan-Jones was that the US total debt now equals its total GDP and is likely to surpass it very soon.  When it does, it will have a cataclysmic effect on finance, including raising mortgage rates.  Their projection was that Debt would be 114% of GDP by 2014.

Another factor that contributed to the downgrade was the failure of the government to pass a budget that will reduce the deficit.  Bob Casey and his cohorts in the Senate have not passed a budget in over 1,000 days.  That injects a great deal of uncertainty into the finances of our nation.

As they said in February, S&P is likely to follow suit for many of the same reasons.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bob Casey, Do-Nothing Senator

United States Senators are paid out of federal tax dollars from the US Treasury.  Their starting salary is around $175,000 per year.  What do you get for your tax dollars?

The laziest workers in 20 years.

The year-by-year report  reveals that the Democratic-controlled Senate only stayed in session an average of 6.5 hours per day in 2011, the lowest number of hours in 20 years.  The same can be said of actual votes, having only held 235 roll call votes in 2011.  Their work product also resulted in the smallest amount of measures passed since 1997 and only 90 public laws since 1995.

Not the least of these are budgets, Bob Casey and the Democratic Senate has not passed a budget in over 1,000 days.

When you look at the measures they have taken up, like Obamacare, it is easy to come to the conclusion that inactivity from this bunch of Senators is a good thing but it really isn’t.  This is a bold display of both cowardice and laziness.

For example, the Republican-controlled House has passed 27 bi-partisan jobs bills that have been sent to the Senate.  The Senate has refused to even allow them to come up for a vote.  This is a bold display of both laziness and cowardice.  Laziness, because our highly-paid Senators are not doing their job most basic job – voting.  Cowardice, because those same Senators are afraid to vote for Republican-created legislation that would create jobs and give Republicans a legislative victory.

A $175,000 a year salary with a 6.5 hour work day where you produce the smallest amount of product in over a decade would never be tolerated in the private sector.

The American taxpayers deserve better.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cartwright Hates the Tea Party

In an interview with the Citizens Voice, Democratic Congressional candidate Matt Cartwright demonstrated the contempt he has for the Tea Party and their pledges.

Frequently, issue organizations propose a pledge or a survey where they ask respondents to promise to their constituents to do or not do something. This allows the organization to get a candidate on the record and in writing on their particular issue.

One such organization which Cartwright seems to take issue with is Americans for Tax Reform or ATR. ATR proposes a pledge to candidates for office that they will not raise taxes on their constituents.

Terrible isn’t it? A politician that promises not to raise taxes and puts it in writing so no one can dispute it.

You would think an attorney like Cartwright would appreciate the concept of getting something in writing. Especially when awarding someone a position as powerful as writing all of the laws of our nation.

Admittedly, pledges are only worth the integrity of the person signing them. For instance, had Democratic Commissioner Corey O’Brien pledged to not raise taxes in writing instead of just saying it, it probably would not have prevented him from breaking his promise and raising them by 38%.

But, none the less, pledges and surveys help voters make informed decisions and avoid the “spin” of politicians – the same “spin” which Cartwright seems to advocate for. Arguing against pledges is arguing against transparency, something that does a disservice to the electorate.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

See No Evil reports that Philadelphia City Commissioners are investigating potential voter fraud at the polls. A red flag went up when 83 polling locations in the 2011 Primary showed more votes cast than voters.

But hey, we don’t need a Voter ID law in Pennsylvania right?

Vice President Scrooge and Buffett-less Obama

The White House released the tax returns of both President Obama and Vice-President Biden.

Despite spending much of his recent speech time talking about the “Buffet Rule,” President Obama did not apply it to himself.

The Obamas show joint income of $789,674 and an effective tax rate of 20.5% - far less than the 30% he has been demanding under his proposed tax changes for anyone making a million a year. The President could argue that he didn’t make enough to qualify for the higher rate since he only brought in around $800 K but this was a perfect opportunity to lead by example. Taxpayers are allowed to self-pay higher taxes, presumably for deficit reduction. The first family failed to do so.

And, that scrappy kid from Scranton, Joe Biden, donated a whopping 1.5% of his joint income to Charity. The Bidens show joint income of $379,035 and a total of $5,540 donated to charity. Both the President and Vice-President also have the added benefit of having their living and travel expenses paid by the taxpayers of these United States.

On the subject of travel expenses, the White House has been less than cooperative on explaining how the taxpayers are reimbursed for campaign-related travel (Federal law requires reimbursement for campaign travel.)

The Washington Times reports that the Obama campaign machine has surpassed both Presidents Bush and Clinton on campaign travel, racking up 191 fundraisers by early March and only reimbursing a little over $5,500 in 2011 despite a 1998 estimate that Air Force One alone costs $57,000 an hour to run.

Gaetano announces candidacy for Delegate and Alternate in the 17th

From a release:

Dunmore- Rose Ann Gaetano, Dunmore, PA announces her candidacy for Delegate and Alternate to the Republican National Convention in the new 17th Congressional District in the upcoming primary election, April 24, 2012.

Rose is a resident of Dunmore PA and has been active in Republican Politics for over 30 years. She serves as the current Republican Committee Women representing Lackawanna County, member of the Margery Scranton Council of Republican Women, member of the PA Federation of Republican Women. Rose attended the Republican National Conventions in 2002, 2004 and 2008. In 2008, she was elected as delegate and alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention where she was the top voter getter for both delegate and alternate delegate in the 11th Congressional District. The Pennsylvania Convention Delegation appointed her to serve on the Rules Committee for the 2008 Convention.

Rose has been active in the local community, where she is an active member of UNICO National Scranton Chapter and recently services as co-chairperson of the group’s community service day. Rose is also a member of the Dunmore Lions, Operation Honduras, Family to Family, Daffodils Days for America Cancer Society, member of Century Club in Scranton and a former board member of Pennsylvania for Human Life Scranton Chapter. Graduate from Dunmore High School, Lackawanna Beauty School and is retired from HarperCollins Publishers, Dunmore, PA.

Gaetano has never taken her role in the republican party lightly, and always taken the opportunity to speaks out for what she truly believe in. Rose continually strive to be a role model to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause for responsible government through political participation and activism. In the current economic climate, it is extremely important, for men and women alike to become involved.

Rose looks forward to attending National Convention in Tampa, Florida representing the people of the new 17th Congressional District.

# # #

Friday, April 13, 2012

Democratic War on Stay-At-Home Parents

It appears that when President Obama said:

“Let me be a clear as possible: I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits, and people’s children are especially off limits.”

he was only really talking about his own family.

In the video below, you will see Hilary Rosen attacking Mitt Romney’s wife.

Rosen assails Ann Romney for “never having worked a day in her life.” I guess raising five children isn’t work to Ms. Rosen.

Ann Romney responded and defended her decision to raise her and Governor Romney’s children. In that defense, she could have also pointed out that she has raised her five children while coping with a debilitating disease, MS.

To their credit, the Obama campaign is now attempting to distance themselves from their advisor and her profoundly stupid remark. In a bold display of bias however, the MSM is assisting on that front by carefully creating as much separation between Rosen and Obama as possible - something that didn’t occur when Governor Romney’s campaign advisor made the recent gaff about an etch-a-sketch. Obama advisor David Axlerod and the MSM acted as though Mitt Romney himself made the comment.

Does President Obama believe that parents that choose to raise their children instead of develop a career should be characterized as Ms. Rosen, his advisor, did? We likely will never know, since the MSM isn’t asking that question of the President.

But, it raises a common theme among Democrats, that parents that choose to raise their children instead of having strangers and school systems do it for them are somehow second-class citizens. The Pro-Choice party only believes in choices when you make the “right” ones, the ones that they agree with.

And really, does anyone honestly believe that today’s children would not benefit by more time with their parents?

In America, we are guaranteed equal opportunity. Every citizen has the ability to pursue any career, any goal, or any objective that does not infringe on the rights of another. Ann Romney, like every American, could have chosen to go after any of the prestigious acronym titles out there. She could have worked to become a CEO, CFO, MD, DO, etc.

Instead, she choose to focus on only one title, MOM, which along with DAD are two of the most important titles any person can have.

Mrs. Romney, like many of the other parents out there made a choice. A choice that infringed on the rights of no one. A personal choice that she made privately. A choice that she likely believed to be in the best interest of her family and her children.

A choice likely motivated by one thing…love.

Her choice, like that of other Moms and Dads out there that make a similar one, should be respected by all, including the President and his operatives.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Corbett is polling in PA as badly as President Obama!

Well, that’s the truth of it. Though, if you heard about the poll through the MSM, you might have missed the comparison to Obama’s numbers in the Keystone State.

43% approve of the way Obama is doing his job and 39% approve of the way Corbett is doing his job.

The margin of error for the poll was +/-5% making the difference between Obama and Corbett indistinguishable.

Besides the difference in reporting, the real difference is that Corbett has been in office for a little over a year and has until November of 2014 to get buy-in from the electorate in Pennsylvania on his policies.

Lots of time left for Corbett to make his case.

President Obama has been in office for 3 ½ years and has about 7 months left to get the Pennsylvania to forget $4 a gallon gas, the government takeover of healthcare, his unconstitutional wars, his failed stimulus boondoggles, his bailouts, and the $5.25 trillion Obama added to the national debt.

Not so much time left for Obama to make his case.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eric Holder and Voter ID

On April 6, the Scranton Times editorial page writer(s) penned another attack on Pennsylvania’s attempt to eliminate voter fraud by requiring that voters show a photo ID before they vote.

In case you missed it, Republicans backed a bill that would subject voting to the same ID requirements as buying a pack of cigarettes, a cocktail at happy hour, or cashing a check.

For the critics that believe voter fraud is impossible, here’s a video showing how easy it is for a guy to get U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s ballot in a state with virtually the same requirements as PA.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Solyndra … Kanjorski Style

In his July 3, 2010 weekly address entitled A SOLAR RECOVERY, President Obama announced $2 billion in Department of Energy spending to two energy companies.

President Obama promised that one of the two companies, Abound Solar, was to create 2,000 constructions jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs by producing “millions of state-of-the-art solar panels each year” and was touted as one of the “many clean energy investments in the Recovery Act.”

Abound had ties to Northeastern Pennsylvania and a then-sitting United States Congressman, Paul Kanjorski. Paul Kanjorski’s nephew, Russell Kanjorski, was Vice-President of Marketing at Abound Solar.

And yes, this is the same Russell Kanjorski that was part of the failed and bankrupt Cornerstone Technologies that his uncle, Paul Kanjorski, helped obtain around $9 million in taxpayer dollars for.

Russ later jumped ship on Abound and it seems like it was a smart move. Abound recently announced that they would lay off about half of their workforce.

Abound seems to be going the way of Solyndra.

The Obama Administration is fixated on propping up industries like solar energy that cannot exist in our United States marketplace without taxpayer-funded subsidies. And, for all their talk of renewable energy, much around solar is anything but renewable.

Solar panels themselves require replacement and disposal. When they aren’t requiring water for steam turbines, they are using it for washing mirrors and panels and cooling auxiliary equipment. Not to mention the incredibly toxic elements used in the panels themselves like lead, cadmium, and greenhouse gas nitrogen triflouride.

Until the United States gets serious about streamlining the permit process for manufacturing, the solar industry will continue to be dominated by China. No amount of taxpayer loans will change that.