Friday, January 13, 2012

Mayor McDowell?

Remember when Scranton’s Democratic Tax Collector, Ken McDowell, “found” a few million in taxpayer dollars? It appears that Scranton’s Democratic Mayor, Chris Doherty, also “found” a few million.

Apparently, millions of dollars were accruing in an account over the last three years that no one in the Doherty Administration thought about checking. The Scranton Times reports Democrat Doherty claims $3 million “fell through the cracks.”

Those are some pretty big cracks Doherty must have in his financial management skills to lose $3 million. Also troubling, this money was unaccounted for when Doherty was proposing both a 29% tax increase on the city of Scranton as well as gutting its fire protection.

Had these millions been accounted for prior to the completion of the 2012 budget, perhaps firehouses would have been able to remain open. Instead, many of them are closed in Scranton. Maybe Scranton’s taxpayers could have evaded a tax increase.

Sadly, Doherty’s inability to manage Scranton’s finances was not uncovered in time to prevent either from occurring.

Scranton, like virtually every other city in the Commonwealth unable to escape distressed status, is run by Democrats. Doherty, like fellow Democrat McDowell, has demonstrated the inability to manage the trust of the taxpayers.

Since losing the Lackawanna County Controller’s race in 2011, Ken McDowell has been without an elected office. If Doherty is going to run the city like Ken McDowell ran the tax office, maybe Ken McDowell should run for Mayor of Scranton in 2013. Even better, maybe the Republicans should finally put up a good candidate to take on Doherty.

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