Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Barletta Leads Northeast in 4Q Fundraising

Barletta raised $146,978.98 and had $269,498.39 on hand.

Vinsko raised $20,574.75 and had $52,786.21 on hand.

Marino raised $68,717.76 and Holden raised $99,885.68 during the same period.

Barletta has over five times as much available and raised over seven times as much in the same period as Vinsko. As a matter of fact, Vinsko was almost the worst performing Democratic candidate to file a fourth quarter report in the Commonwealth.

As Gort reported, POLITICO declared that Bill Vinsko was among the top Democratic challengers in the country in October. They might want to rethink that.

It appears the Democrats already have, since Vinsko failed to be included in their Red to Blue program of "top Democratic campaigns across the country" selected to receive support from the national party.

Congrats to Lou for dominating the Northeast this quarter.

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