Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obama's Taxpayer-Funded Campaign Stop Today

Today, President Obama will use taxpayer dollars for what an expert stated could only be a campaign stop. Dr. Jean Harris, chairwoman of the University of Scranton political science department was quoted as saying "At this point, you know it's a campaign visit."

Obama is making his taxpayer-funded campaign trip because he is tanking in Pennsylvania. Bloomberg wrote about it, PPP Polling has consistently shown it, and the results of his October taxpayer-funded campaign stop really affirm it.

When President Obama was last in Scranton, he did an exclusive interview with Borys Krawczeniuk at the Scranton Times. In it, Obama said the one thing he would do to improve the economy was to “to invest in clean energy, to lower demand and lower gas prices and create millions of jobs in clean and renewable energies like wind and solar and biodiesel. I think that would make a huge improvement -- long term.”

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Obama’s “Green Jobs” were a failure. Not only did each job cost the taxpayers $157,000 to create, they were elusive. As it turns out, it appears most of the green jobs money was instead given to companies controlled or otherwise operated by Obama Donors. Some of it did however land locally. That is, a Kanjorski got some of it so that should count for something right?

Obama also promised to stabilize the housing market in his interview with Borys. Not so hot on that front either considering the industry is slated to have its weakest year on record. Don’t believe me? Ask someone trying to sell their house. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone selling their house in Scranton considering the twin Democrat tax increases coming out of Doherty and O’Brien.

Oh, and don’t forget Corey O’Brien, the Democrat that is raising Lackawanna County Taxes by 38% after repeatedly stating that he wouldn’t, was Obama’s campaign guy in Lackawanna County.

I guess breaking promises runs in the Obama Campaign operation as well as the Obama White House.

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