Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bob Casey and the BBA

House Republicans are poised to vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) to the United States Constitution today. Virtually every state, including Pennsylvania has a balanced budget amendment.

Democrats are opposing the measure as it would rightly restrict their profligate spending.

The measure will require 2/3 of the House to pass today and then 2/3 of the Senate to pass. Assuming that happens, the BBA will be sent to the states for ratification. ¾ of the State Legislatures would have to pass the Amendment in order for it to change the law.

Many Democrats that voted for the BBA in 2005 are opposing it today, making it difficult to reach the 2/3 majority needed to pass. Assuming it does, it faces even bigger challenges in the Senate.

Most of the legislation that arose in the House, including 22 jobs bills, have gone to the Senate to die.

Senate Democrats either voted them down or just outright blocked the Republican bills using political gimmicks.

Democratic United States Senator Bob Casey was in favor of a Balanced Budget as a candidate as the video below demonstrates.

Will he stick to his word or again bow to the wishes of his party leadership and President Obama? The odds are that he will cave to Obama. Bob Casey has supported President Obama over 95% of the time. He is Obama’s man in PA.

The one ray of hope is that 2012 is on the horizon. Casey is on the ballot in 2012. He has a Democratic opponent and a truckload of Republicans fighting for the chance to take him on. If there was a time for him to put Pennsylvania above Obama and Washington, supporting the Balanced Budget Amendment would be it.

Casey should break with his party and the President and support the same balanced budget requirement that he operated under as a state elected official and that he advocated for as a candidate.

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