Friday, October 7, 2011

Obama Without a Friend in PA

President Obama will be visiting Western Pennsylvania next week to try to sell his unpopular Stimulus 2.0 Jobs Bill. Not surprisingly, no one wants to share the stage with him.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune:

Democrat Congressman Mike Doyle agreed to meet the President at the airport, but is then ditching to head to Washington.

Democrat Congressmen Altmire and Critz, will not return to the Keystone State for the visit. Instead, they will stay in Washington.

Republican Congressmen Tim Murphy and Mike Kelly as well as Republican Senator Pat Toomey said they will not show up for the visit.

Recent polling suggests that Pennsylvania is no longer Obama country. The majority of Pennsylvania voters do not like the job President Obama is doing 54-43. That remains unchanged from August. Elsewhere, Democrats are encouraging candidates to avoid even appearing in pictures with the unpopular Obama.

Maybe that is why Democrat Senator Bob Casey isn’t a firm commitment for the visit. That is probably the biggest upset for Obama considering Casey was an early advocate for him in the 2008 Primaries and his biggest cheerleader in PA. As is often the case, Casey is indecisive. He hasn’t confirmed if he will attend.

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