Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leighton Complaint Update

Recently, a private criminal complaint against Democrat Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton was filed by Linda Urban. The complaint centers around alarm systems installed in both Mayor Leighton and former City Administrator J.J. Murpy’s private residences. Taxpayer funds were allegedly used to fund the alarms. The systems cost around $4,000 to install. The City taxpayers also paid over $6,000 to relocate Murphy’s system when he moved in 2006.

Because the individual expenses fell below $10,000, the City Controller approved the expenses, not City Council.

Urban’s complaint alleges theft by unlawful taking and misappropriation of taxpayer funds. The complaint was being handled by the Democrat District Attorney, Jackie Musto-Carroll.

Today, it has been reported that the Musto-Carroll has referred the case to the State Attorney General’s office. The reason being that there is a potential conflict of interest for the District Attorney’s office to handle the case. Two conflicts were listed. The first being that Linda Urban is married to Commissioner Steve Urban. The second being that the county’s Chief Detective, Mike Dessoye, is the brother of Wilkes-Barre police Chief Gerard Dessoye. Chief Dessoye apparently is the person that recommended that the alarm systems be installed in the residences.

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