Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama’s New Snitch Site

President Obama has launched his newest snitch website – Attack Watch. It’s like his Fight the Smears or Flag.gov, just with crappier web design. It still preserves President Obama’s paranoid, oppressive request that you report your neighbor for speaking negatively about him.

Are we the only ones that find it creepy that the President of the United States has now for the third time asked us to snitch on our neighbors? And worse, that he is still attempting to collect intelligence on people that disagree with him?

Our President’s insecurity aside, asking the American people to again “Report an Attack” from your neighbor should be chilling to anyone concerned with civil rights and civil liberties. It also raises questions of his fitness to serve. Meaning, if he cannot handle people disagreeing with him politically, how does anyone maintain faith that he can handle the likes of someone like Ahmadinejad?

Sadly, the media is again silent. The fourth estate should be all over any attempt to stifle free speech and silence dissent. Yet their response is deafening silence.

Is it 2012 yet?

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