Monday, September 19, 2011

Liberals Attack Clinton's Disaster Response Policy

The Republicans understand it is their responsibility to come together to support disaster relief for NEPA. What escapes the radical left is that they also realize that they have a responsibility to do so in a way that is consistent with the interests of the taxpayers that will foot the bill. Apparently, the new left finds fault with the Republican policy of finding a few billion dollars somewhere in our bloated $3.5 trillion budget so that the people in NEPA can get the help they need. The money has to come from somewhere. Maybe they would prefer we borrow money from China to finance our recovery.

Why invoke Clinton? President Clinton himself used offsets several times during his presidency for disaster relief:
  • May, 1999 - Clinton enacted legislation that included emergency spending for farm disasters and “unmet” disaster needs from prior natural disasters and $2 billion in offsets.
  • May, 1998 - Clinton enacted legislation that included disaster relief for tornadoes, flooding, and ice storms and $2.5 billion in offsets.
  • June, 1997 - Clinton offset disaster relief for the flooding in the Red River of the North, Minnesota River and tributaries.
  • July, 1995 - Clinton offset emergency funds for disaster assistance including the recovery from the Oklahoma City Federal building bombing.
I guess it says a lot if Bill Clinton's policies are now too far to the right for the modern left.

This doesn't represent a policy change on the part of Republicans, it represents a consistent, pay-as-you-go federal funding policy - something missing from Washington for far too long.

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