Monday, September 12, 2011

Flashback: PA Dems Attacked Corbett for Emergency Readiness Ads

Above is one of Governor Tom Corbett's emergency preparedness commercials which ran in August. It appears, in the face of the flooding that occurred, the Governor offered some sage advice.

At the time, PA Democrats took the opportunity to turn it into a political hit, taking Corbett to task for warning seniors to prepare for an emergency.

In light of the flooding disaster in NEPA, PA Democrats in general and their spokesman Mark Nicastre in particular, owe Governor Corbett an apology. It is likely that those that took Corbett's advice a month ago are in far better shape than those that did not. It should be similarly apparent that emergency preparedness and flood damage isn't a political football to play with as Nicastre and the PA Democrats have done in August.

Their attacks are, in a word, disgraceful.

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