Friday, September 30, 2011

Democrats: Suspend Elections

Figure you’re pretty much toast in the next election? Cancel it! We can just start them up again in a few years if we feel like it.

That’s the gist of what Democratic Governor and Chair of the 2012 Democratic Convention Bev Perdue said.

The Democrat’s frustration is understandable. President Obama is polling very badly. Some Democratic officials are advising candidates not even to have their picture taken with him. The President’s cabinet is a mess, plagued with scandal, after scandal, after scandal.

Or, this might have been wishful thinking for Perdue, considering she is up for re-election in 2012. Like the President, she has been mired in scandal. Unconstitutional taxes, taxpayer-funded trips, abuse of power charges, and fines for election law violations have all punctuated her time in public office.

Regardless of the motivation, this is just plain wrong. Politicians need to be accountable to the people. The only method reserved to the people to hold them accountable is an election. If Democrats fear an election loss to Republicans, they should reexamine their policies…not cancel elections.

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