Friday, September 23, 2011

Democratic Senate: Screw NEPA, Let’s hit the Beach

On Friday, Senate Democrats rejected the stop-gap measure passed by the House of Representatives to keep the government open beyond October 1 and to fund FEMA.

FEMA is slated to run out of money over the weekend.

Democratic Senator Harry Reid cited the need to “cool off” and decided to hold off voting on funding for disaster relief in until Monday…after Senate Democrats return from their beach retreat in Kiawah, South Carolina.

Where the hell is United States Senator Bob Casey on this?

Is this the type of leadership NEPA deserves from its native-son-turned-Senator? If Casey sits back and allows his colleagues to sip mai-tais on the beaches of South Carolina instead of fighting to fund disaster relief for NEPA, the voters of Pennsylvania should need no further demonstration of exactly how out of touch he and his fellow Democrats are with the needs of the Commonwealth.

Thank God for Lou Barletta. (Click here to watch his press conference today.) He knows what it means to fight for the people of Pennsylvania.

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