Thursday, September 1, 2011

Democrat Hazleton Mayoral Hopeful Loses It

That’s the only way to describe Hazleton Democrat Grace Cuozzo’s rambling attack of Republican Mayor Joe Yanuzzi. Yanuzzi replaced Lou Barletta as Mayor of Hazleton after Barletta was elected to Congress.

The Standard Speaker reports that, in response to Yanuzzi’s questions as to Cuozzo’s ability to serve, Cuozzo popped off saying Yanuzzi is “dumber than they come.” She attacked Yanuzzi’s age, pointing out that he is 74 and that the average male life expectancy is 74.8. She also pointed out that Yanuzzi has diabetes and high blood pressure and that he was fat.

Worse, this was sent in an email to the paper. That means this wasn’t an off-the-cuff moment for Cuozzo.

Hazleton, like many small towns across Pennsylvania, faces very serious challenges. The city needs a steady, experienced hand directing its actions. Cuozzo’s bizarre, frantic attack suggests both instability and immaturity – neither of which are qualities Hazleton voters should look for in their next Mayor.

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