Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Van Jones, Dreamers Target Barletta

It’s no secret that Congressman Lou Barletta is the Democratic Party’s top target in Pennsylvania. His brand of populist politics keeps Democratic strategists up late at night trying to figure out how to retake Barletta’s majority Democrat district.

Plan A was to just swing wildly at Barletta, hoping to land a punch. Democrats really wasted no time attacking Barletta, throwing everything from his refusal to increase taxes to his plan to save Medicare to his cuts to government overspending against the wall hoping something would stick. It didn't.

So, they went to Plan V.

Van Jones, in March of 2009, was hired by Democratic President Barack Obama to be his “Green Jobs Czar.” Curiously, Jones was allowed to bypass the famous “seven page, 63-question questionnaire” that other similar White House advisors were required to fill out. Had he completed it, the administration would have known that in the 90’s, Jones was thrown in jail for rioting where he converted to communism. It might have also uncovered that Jones is a supporter of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and has used his support of Mumia as a focus of protest against police officers. He might have also disclosed that he was a member of the Mao-sympathetic Marxist organization STORM. Or, that he was a “Truther” that believed that the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon that claimed thousands of lives was ordered by our own government. Here is a video of Van Jones and his pals the day after 9/11:

Jones lasted until September of 2009 in the Obama White House when his radical, leftist leanings became too much for even the Obama Administration to handle. He quietly left over Labor Day weekend.

Perhaps, in the rear view mirror, it is easy to understand why Van Jones was allowed to bypass the questionnaire.

Jones’s parting with the White House elevated his status from Left-Wing Nut to Left-Wing Martyr. With his new left-wing hero status, particularly elevated by claims that Glenn Beck got him fired, he has parlayed his position into leading the American Dream Movement.

The Dreamers are a catch-all group that shares an umbrella with, Planned Parenthood, Big Labor, CodePink and just about every other leftist organization out there. The Dreamers, under the leadership of Van Jones, are the spearhead of the recent attacks on Lou Barletta.

They started their attacks with a press release on August 14 touting their contrived, astroturf campaign against Lou Barletta. Why contrived? Had the MSM did so much as a simple internet search of the actors involved James Luby would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Luby is quoted as asking Barletta where the jobs are. But, Mr. Luby has been unemployed since at least May of 2010 when he appeared in a commercial for Democrat and ex-congressman Paul Kanjorski. The commercial and script:

Announcer: “Some in the nation’s capital said no to unemployment benefits, Paul Kanjorski said yes…voting to extend jobless aid. The bad economy cost James Luby his job, he and his family live on that money.”

James Luby: “Congressman Kanjorski helped me and thousands of others. And, although I am actively looking for work, I am also training to develop new career job skills.”

Announcer: Paul Kanjorski stands up for us.

It changes the story a bit when you find out that the guy complaining that he is unemployed has been unemployed since before Barletta was a member of Congress. He identifies himself as a resident of Scranton so one can probably make the jump that he didn’t live in Hazleton when Barletta was Mayor. So why blame Barletta? Instead of doing commercials for him, why didn't he blame his last Congressman Paul Kanjorski? Why not look to your United States Senator since 2007, Bob Casey? How about your Democratic State Representative or State Senator? Is Mr. Luby and his band of dreamers protesting them? Probably not.

So, is this then merely a thinly-veiled partisan attack from a bunch (and by bunch, we mean like, 6 or 7 people) of sore-loser Democrats that wish Paul Kanjorski was still their Congressman? No, that is an easy conclusion to arrive at and there is no doubt some element of that in this, but it’s probably not that either.

The truth of the matter is probably far more profound. This is not just a bunch of radical, disheveled miscreants crying in their cheerios about an election. The Van Jones brand of leftist thrives on chaos and crisis. They believe that through chaos, they can change our economic system. They are proponents of Saul Alinsky’s philosophy on activism. This is them injecting their little bit of chaos into the system. Don’t be distracted by the entrance of tired, retread activists into the argument. This is the start of a coordinated, leftist revolution in America and it is being led by one of the left’s brightest, most radical stars.

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