Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Toomey Saves Millions

The Federal Government never tires of foisting unfunded, probably unconstitutional mandates on state and local governments. The most recent variation to hit the news came out of the Department of Transportation.

Obama’s DOT required all communities to change their signs to meet new federal “reflectivity” standards. Oh, and if your signs don’t meet the standard, the community has to pay to replace them.

Republican US Senator Pat Toomey conducted a bit of a listening tour throughout NEPA to see how this would impact local communities. The consensus was that it would be devastating.

For instance, Democratic Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty estimated the cost to Scranton Taxpayers would be around $1,000,000.00. Considering how cash strapped Scranton is, they really can’t afford to spend an extra million dollars just to comply with a ridiculous federal mandate.

Heeding the call of his local leaders, Toomey is introducing legislation to repeal this mandate. No matter what separates communities across Pennsylvania, one thing that unites them is fiscal problems. All of our communities are having difficultly meeting their present budgets without raising taxes. Toomey is showing real leadership right out of the gate with this. Only a fool wouldn’t see that.

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