Monday, August 8, 2011

Breaking News! Politician Releases YouTube Video!

Strangely, The Scranton Times ran a story about the video above. Maybe it was a slow news day but it certainly seems strange that a newspaper would run a story that a candidate for office put out a youtube video.

Maybe they can do a few followups. Headlines like "Politician hosts fundraiser" or "Politician sends junk mail to voters" or "Sun Rises" are sure to follow.

Also, it is only a presumption that this is in fact a Vinsko video. It does in fact contain footage of Bill Vinsko in what appears to be orange warpaint (fire the makeup guy Bill.) The video does not however contain any sort of disclosure as to who paid for the ad. No mention of that from the crack team of reporters at Times Shamrock either. Bareltta's guys have probably already captured the video for later use.

Here is another video, this one is about Bill Vinsko and his cousin Tom Leighton's now imploded deal to sell a controversial Wilkes-Barre property.

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McGruff said...

What an ace moron! Mr. Vinsko..hehemmm Attorney Vinsko please check federal election rules. Lawyers are supposed to know the law right???