Friday, July 22, 2011

What Exactly Does Bobby Casey & Co. Do?

Passing legislation seems to have been removed US Senator Bob Casey Jr.’s job description.

Both the President and the US Senate as a body have been doing a lot of talking but not much doing.

Take for instance the jobs situation. Unemployment is up 26% since Obama took office. Bob Casey was quoted as saying “We have to compete every day of the week with countries that frankly cheat and make it much more difficult for us to have a level-playing field for folks that are trying to manufacture a product in this difficult environment.”

This is a very astute observation. American businesses, particularly manufacturing, are being hurt by an un-level playing field. One of the issues that hurts manufacturers is the amount of regulatory red tape they have to cut through to stay in business. One bill that would help is HR 872, the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act which passed the house with both Democratic and Republican support on 3/31/2011.

The problem, the Senate has taken no action.

How about energy taxes? Manufacturing is a much larger consumer of energy than most other types of business. Helping them with energy taxes would surely allow them to hire more people. In answer to this, the House passed HR 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act. Again, this was a bipartisan bill. It was passed on 4/7/2011. The Senate has still refused to act.

How about entrepreneurship? American was built on an entrepreneurial spirit. Everyday people start businesses every day and small businesses employ the majority of the American workforce. The House passed the America Invents Act, HR 1249, on 6/23/2011 with bipartisan support. The bill protects the intellectual property of Americans. The Senate has refused to act.

How about gas prices? Gas prices kick every American square in the teeth. Since Obama took office, gas prices have risen by 104%. And, let’s face it, we don’t use rails to move our products anymore. We move almost everything by truck. Transportation costs go up, product costs go up. The House passed HR 1230 on 5/5/2011, HR 1229 on 5/11/2011, HR 1231 on 5/12/2011, and HR 2021, on 6/22/2011. Every bill listed here had bipartisan support. Taken together, these bills took action to encourage domestic energy production so we can become energy independent. Wouldn’t it be nice to use American resources instead of buying all of our energy from Countries that don’t like us very much? The House agrees. The Senate, not so much. Again, they haven’t acted on a single bill.

Lastly, the flavor of the month, our debt and budget. The debt has increased 35% since Obama took office. Just as bad, Bob Casey and his cohorts in the Senate have not passed a budget in over 800 days. The House, with bipartisan support, passed H. Con. Res. 34, a resolution establishing a budget for the US for fiscal year 2012 and setting budgetary levels for 2013-2021. The Senate has not yet considered a budget of their own.

Every bill listed was an example of Democrats and Republicans coming together in compromise to pass a bill. Every bill has been stalled by a bunch of do-nothing Democrats in a do-nothing Senate. And, while you are looking for a job or comforting your friend that lost their job or can’t find one, remember this – Casey and the clowns in the Senate that refuse to do their job, are well paid to do nothing. Casey and every other Senator have a base taxpayer-funded starting salary of $174,000.00.


More inaction from Bobby Casey & Co. as they have now tabled the Republican plan to cut spending, cap government spending, and require a balanced budget.

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