Thursday, July 21, 2011

Walgreens Is Anti-Gun

According to the Herald-Palladium, Michigan Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven has been fired from his job at Walgreens for defending himself and his fellow employees against armed attackers.

Mr. Hoven obtained a concealed carry permit in 2008, shortly after the Walgreens Pharmacy he worked at was robbed at gunpoint.

Robbers again struck the Walgreens, this time at 4:30 AM. They began herding employees into a backroom of the pharmacy at gunpoint when Hoven drew down and fired on the robbers, causing them to flee.

No doubt, Mr. Hoven received the thanks of his co-workers for likely saving their lives. From Walgreens however, Mr. Hoven received a pink slip. Apparently Walgreen’s policy is that “compliance” with a criminal is safer than “confrontation.”

Violation of a company policy, even one as cowardly as this one, can and should result in the termination of an employee. Every private employer should have that right.

But, consumers also have rights. When companies decide to make policies, consumers should consider those policies when deciding where they should spend their hard earned dollars.

Walgreens would rather their employees put their lives in the hands of strung out drug addicts trying to rip off their pharmacy instead of a licensed concealed carry holder that has the opportunity to protect them.

As an employee, Walgreens will punish you for putting yourself in harm’s way to valiantly defend the unarmed against a hostile, armed, assailant.

Would Walgreens policy require “compliance” over “confrontation” if an employee were being raped instead of just robbed by an armed assailant? Don’t know.

What is clear is how Walgreens feels about firearms and crime.

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