Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Job-Killing Executive Branch Rulemaking

Bloomberg reports that Business and Manufacturing groups have successfully put the brakes on the Obama Administration’s newly proposed EPA ozone standards. The question is, for how long.

The Clean Air Act requires a review of these standards “at least” every five years. Obama Administration EPA head Lisa Jackson was attempting preempt the act and unilaterally install new, stricter regulations ahead of the legal 2013 deadline. How strict are these new regulations? The EPA maintains air quality monitoring stations in counties across the country. It is likely that these new regulations would push more than 85% of the counties with monitoring stations into non-compliance.

Business and Manufacturing groups argue that this is precisely the wrong time to place new mandates on the American economy. The Machinery and Allied Products Institute (MAPI) released a study on these proposed changes in 2010. They found that implementation would kill 7.3 million jobs by 2020 and add over $1 trillion in regulatory costs.

With a 9.2% unemployment rate, (up 26% since President Obama took office) all sides should agree that this is exactly the wrong time to add job-killing red tape and regulatory burdens on manufacturers.

Pennsylvania has a special interest in this as it is one of the few states that still have a decent manufacturing base. Under these new standards, the study predicts Pennsylvania will incur $85.8 billion in new regulatory attainment costs and in reduction of GDP beginning in 2020. It also states that the commonwealth stands to lose 351,207 jobs with these new standards. There is an interactive map that allows you to see how the new regulations will impact you – right down to the county level.

The EPA’s unrealistic standards will very seriously, very negatively impact the economic health of both our nation and the Commonwealth. These standards have been stalled while the administration reviews the objections to the new rules.

Has the administration heard from you? If you want to tell the President to protect Pennsylvania jobs instead of strangling them with red tape, click here.

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