Sunday, July 24, 2011

Timmy Two-Times

Yesterday, the Republican Herald interviewed Democratic Congressman Tim Holden about the Republican Cut, Cap, and Balance Act and the debt ceiling.

In the interview, Holden stated that “we need to get serious about this” and “we need to pass a debt limit with no strings attached.”


Congressman Holden, you already had that opportunity. You were given a clean vote on May 31, 2011. It was Roll Call Vote 379. YOU VOTED AGAINST IT.

The bill was rejected by 236 Republicans, 81 Democrats, and 7 cowards that voted “present.” Only 97 of your Democratic colleagues supported the measure. The Gutless 34 that sent a letter demanding the vote even voted against it.

So, what are you saying? You want a second bite at the apple?

How Leslie Richardson at the Herald could have let this slip from the story is a mystery.

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