Saturday, July 30, 2011

Balanced Budget Act of 2011

Despite Big Labor-funded ads targeting him, Congressman Lou Barletta as well as neighboring Republican Congressman Tom Marino voted last night for yet another Republican solution to the debt crisis, the Balanced Budget Act of 2011 (BBA.)

The Senate, including Democratic Senator Bob Casey, were waiting in the wings to immediately kill the bill. They refused to even allow a debate. Senate Democrats then tried to change rules to push their own “Dead on Arrival” legislation that protects their own and President Obama’s re-election campaigns.

With around 72 hours remaining before debt crisis armageddon, Bobby Casey & Co. have still not passed a bill to address the crisis.

As a matter of fact, all the Democrats have produced so far is an offer of a blank check and tax increases for President Obama. This is no surprise since their Big Labor base is spending money advocating for tax increases.

The BBA grants a $900 billion increase in the debt ceiling in exchange for $917 billion in cuts, requires a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution before any future increases in the debt ceiling, caps spending, and does not contain any of the tax increases the Democrats and Labor wanted.

The BBA passed with the support of 218 Republicans. 22 Republicans joined the Democrats to vote against the measure.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Job-Killing Executive Branch Rulemaking

Bloomberg reports that Business and Manufacturing groups have successfully put the brakes on the Obama Administration’s newly proposed EPA ozone standards. The question is, for how long.

The Clean Air Act requires a review of these standards “at least” every five years. Obama Administration EPA head Lisa Jackson was attempting preempt the act and unilaterally install new, stricter regulations ahead of the legal 2013 deadline. How strict are these new regulations? The EPA maintains air quality monitoring stations in counties across the country. It is likely that these new regulations would push more than 85% of the counties with monitoring stations into non-compliance.

Business and Manufacturing groups argue that this is precisely the wrong time to place new mandates on the American economy. The Machinery and Allied Products Institute (MAPI) released a study on these proposed changes in 2010. They found that implementation would kill 7.3 million jobs by 2020 and add over $1 trillion in regulatory costs.

With a 9.2% unemployment rate, (up 26% since President Obama took office) all sides should agree that this is exactly the wrong time to add job-killing red tape and regulatory burdens on manufacturers.

Pennsylvania has a special interest in this as it is one of the few states that still have a decent manufacturing base. Under these new standards, the study predicts Pennsylvania will incur $85.8 billion in new regulatory attainment costs and in reduction of GDP beginning in 2020. It also states that the commonwealth stands to lose 351,207 jobs with these new standards. There is an interactive map that allows you to see how the new regulations will impact you – right down to the county level.

The EPA’s unrealistic standards will very seriously, very negatively impact the economic health of both our nation and the Commonwealth. These standards have been stalled while the administration reviews the objections to the new rules.

Has the administration heard from you? If you want to tell the President to protect Pennsylvania jobs instead of strangling them with red tape, click here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Labor Bankrupting America? DiSalvo thinks so.

Government-workers unions have been political juggernauts in the U.S. since the collective bargaining rights revolution of the 1960s and 70s. In this video, Daniel DiSalvo exposes how these unions have created cartels with their political allies, mostly in the Democratic Party, to the detriment of the taxpaying public.

Steven Crowder: Rape Jokes with Bill Maher

Barack Obama to Raise Taxes in 2013

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Timmy Two-Times

Yesterday, the Republican Herald interviewed Democratic Congressman Tim Holden about the Republican Cut, Cap, and Balance Act and the debt ceiling.

In the interview, Holden stated that “we need to get serious about this” and “we need to pass a debt limit with no strings attached.”


Congressman Holden, you already had that opportunity. You were given a clean vote on May 31, 2011. It was Roll Call Vote 379. YOU VOTED AGAINST IT.

The bill was rejected by 236 Republicans, 81 Democrats, and 7 cowards that voted “present.” Only 97 of your Democratic colleagues supported the measure. The Gutless 34 that sent a letter demanding the vote even voted against it.

So, what are you saying? You want a second bite at the apple?

How Leslie Richardson at the Herald could have let this slip from the story is a mystery.

Friday, July 22, 2011

What Exactly Does Bobby Casey & Co. Do?

Passing legislation seems to have been removed US Senator Bob Casey Jr.’s job description.

Both the President and the US Senate as a body have been doing a lot of talking but not much doing.

Take for instance the jobs situation. Unemployment is up 26% since Obama took office. Bob Casey was quoted as saying “We have to compete every day of the week with countries that frankly cheat and make it much more difficult for us to have a level-playing field for folks that are trying to manufacture a product in this difficult environment.”

This is a very astute observation. American businesses, particularly manufacturing, are being hurt by an un-level playing field. One of the issues that hurts manufacturers is the amount of regulatory red tape they have to cut through to stay in business. One bill that would help is HR 872, the Reducing Regulatory Burdens Act which passed the house with both Democratic and Republican support on 3/31/2011.

The problem, the Senate has taken no action.

How about energy taxes? Manufacturing is a much larger consumer of energy than most other types of business. Helping them with energy taxes would surely allow them to hire more people. In answer to this, the House passed HR 910, the Energy Tax Prevention Act. Again, this was a bipartisan bill. It was passed on 4/7/2011. The Senate has still refused to act.

How about entrepreneurship? American was built on an entrepreneurial spirit. Everyday people start businesses every day and small businesses employ the majority of the American workforce. The House passed the America Invents Act, HR 1249, on 6/23/2011 with bipartisan support. The bill protects the intellectual property of Americans. The Senate has refused to act.

How about gas prices? Gas prices kick every American square in the teeth. Since Obama took office, gas prices have risen by 104%. And, let’s face it, we don’t use rails to move our products anymore. We move almost everything by truck. Transportation costs go up, product costs go up. The House passed HR 1230 on 5/5/2011, HR 1229 on 5/11/2011, HR 1231 on 5/12/2011, and HR 2021, on 6/22/2011. Every bill listed here had bipartisan support. Taken together, these bills took action to encourage domestic energy production so we can become energy independent. Wouldn’t it be nice to use American resources instead of buying all of our energy from Countries that don’t like us very much? The House agrees. The Senate, not so much. Again, they haven’t acted on a single bill.

Lastly, the flavor of the month, our debt and budget. The debt has increased 35% since Obama took office. Just as bad, Bob Casey and his cohorts in the Senate have not passed a budget in over 800 days. The House, with bipartisan support, passed H. Con. Res. 34, a resolution establishing a budget for the US for fiscal year 2012 and setting budgetary levels for 2013-2021. The Senate has not yet considered a budget of their own.

Every bill listed was an example of Democrats and Republicans coming together in compromise to pass a bill. Every bill has been stalled by a bunch of do-nothing Democrats in a do-nothing Senate. And, while you are looking for a job or comforting your friend that lost their job or can’t find one, remember this – Casey and the clowns in the Senate that refuse to do their job, are well paid to do nothing. Casey and every other Senator have a base taxpayer-funded starting salary of $174,000.00.


More inaction from Bobby Casey & Co. as they have now tabled the Republican plan to cut spending, cap government spending, and require a balanced budget.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Walgreens Is Anti-Gun

According to the Herald-Palladium, Michigan Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven has been fired from his job at Walgreens for defending himself and his fellow employees against armed attackers.

Mr. Hoven obtained a concealed carry permit in 2008, shortly after the Walgreens Pharmacy he worked at was robbed at gunpoint.

Robbers again struck the Walgreens, this time at 4:30 AM. They began herding employees into a backroom of the pharmacy at gunpoint when Hoven drew down and fired on the robbers, causing them to flee.

No doubt, Mr. Hoven received the thanks of his co-workers for likely saving their lives. From Walgreens however, Mr. Hoven received a pink slip. Apparently Walgreen’s policy is that “compliance” with a criminal is safer than “confrontation.”

Violation of a company policy, even one as cowardly as this one, can and should result in the termination of an employee. Every private employer should have that right.

But, consumers also have rights. When companies decide to make policies, consumers should consider those policies when deciding where they should spend their hard earned dollars.

Walgreens would rather their employees put their lives in the hands of strung out drug addicts trying to rip off their pharmacy instead of a licensed concealed carry holder that has the opportunity to protect them.

As an employee, Walgreens will punish you for putting yourself in harm’s way to valiantly defend the unarmed against a hostile, armed, assailant.

Would Walgreens policy require “compliance” over “confrontation” if an employee were being raped instead of just robbed by an armed assailant? Don’t know.

What is clear is how Walgreens feels about firearms and crime.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China: US Should Cut Military

The United States is spending too much money on its military especially in light of US economic woes, so says the chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army, Chen Bingde.

So, the Obama administration is now taking military advice from the these guys:

You know, the Chinese Communist oppressors that have no compunction with running people over with tanks? Yeah, they think we should have less tanks. And they are calling for us to reduce our military while admittedly building up their own.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Philadelphia Democrats Target Pedestrian Texting

Philadelphia Democrats have cooked up a new scheme to bring revenue into cash-strapped Philly – make it a crime to text or use your phone while walking and ticket offenders.

That’s right. Philadelphia Democrats want to make it a crime to text while walking in Philadelphia. This is part of their “Get Respect, Give Respect” campaign for social behavior modification.

Grant money is being used to fund the program. No word if Philadelphia officials will also give ticket agents brown shirts to wear while playing Gestapo.

Coverage of the story here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Video from James O'Keefe

Exposes Medicaid fraud.

Two guys identify themselves as Russian drug dealers seeking medicaid coverage in Ohio.

They tell the government workers that they regularly prostitute their young sisters and will be in need of abortions. They are encouraged to take them to Planned Parenthood.

Not sure what is worse, that these workers willingly assist in what appears to be fraud or that they are stupid enough to believe a guy in a beaver-skin hat, some bling and a walking stick is actually a Russian drug dealer.

Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Prepper Dad?

Robert Kiyosaki, best know for his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series of books offers stark warnings about our economy and suggests preparedness. In the video, Kiyosaki suggests that the economy is poised to collapse and there will either be hyper-inflation, another depression, or war.

Pretty bleak stuff.

His suggestions:
Buy gold and silver. Store food and water for you and your family. Buy guns.

It appears that prepping just went mainstream...

McConnell’s Plan B – B Stands for Bad

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell’s debt ceiling contingency plan is bad for America. At its core, it is born of political cowardice. Since consensus is difficult, McConnell seeks to surrender authority to the President and allow him to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling by over $2 trillion. McConnell no doubt believes this will place all debt ceiling blame on the President and absolve him and other members of Congress.

Senator McConnell, the American people did not elect a new crop of Congressmen and Senators to surrender. They were sent there to fight. This bill is a gutless abandonment of American principles and your Constitutional duty.

The credit rating agencies, invoked incessantly during this debate, have stated time and again that we risk default and lower credit ratings because of “very large budget deficits” and “rising government indebtedness” and because “the path to addressing these is not clear to us (S&P)” It is not merely because we haven’t increased our debt ceiling. In fact, since the McConnell plan does nothing to change unbridled government spending and increases our debt, it will make the likelihood of a credit rating downgrade even more likely than not passing a debt ceiling increase at all.

Our members of Congress should focus on what is good for the country, not what is politically expedient. If that means telling leadership in either the House or the Senate to get bent, so be it. This is the singular defining moment where each member will be defined. They will be defined as either an individual that helped put the country on the path to fiscal solvency or, they can be gutless cowards that refuse to make the tough decisions and instead, abdicate their authority to the President.

History will remember this decision.

Barletta to Protect Seniors, Armed Service Members

In a release today, Republican Congressman Lou Barletta announced his co-sponsorship of legislation to protect Social Security and Medicare payments to senior citizens as well as wages and benefits for members of our Armed Services.

"This bill does not change my stance on raising our national debt limit. This bill simply guarantees that our brave servicemen and servicewomen and our seniors will still receive their benefits, regardless of how politicians in Washington treat the debt limit,” Rep. Barletta added. “Any increase in the debt limit must be tied to serious and substantial spending cuts in the trillions of dollars. Raising taxes is not an option I would consider.”

The full release is here.

This is no doubt in response to Democratic President Barack Obama's statement that if Congress and the Senate didn't agree to raise taxes and increase our nation's borrowing, he couldn't guarantee Social Security and Medicare payments.

This was pretty disgusting stuff coming from the President but raises another issue.

Congress has a long history of raiding Social Security.

Social Security is required by law to be invested in Treasuries, which are really nothing more than IOUs from the Federal Government. The taxes on your paychecks are collected and used to purchase these IOUs. When there is a surplus in Social Security taxes, the Federal Government spends the cash. When the Feds hit the wall and run out of cash, Social Security trades in some of their Treasuries for cash...which the Federal Government has to borrow from China and elsewhere since it is otherwise broke.

Back to the President - President Obama made a statement that contradicts what every Democrat argues is true of Social Security. That it is safe, secure and solvent for current and future seniors.

Here is audio of one such Democrat tripping all over her words trying to explain the President's bogus claims:

If it were safe and secure, no action or inaction on the part of Congress should be able to hurt the program (outside of outright eliminating it.) If it were solvent, it should pay for itself from current taxes and have no need of borrowing affected by the debt ceiling.

The truth is, there is enough money to pay for Social Security, Medicare, and Military pay. We just have to prioritize payments. That is what Barletta and others are working toward with this bill and they deserve credit for doing it.

Luzerne GOP 3rd Annual Summer Lawn Party

It appears strange that members of presumably a private PAC, the Citizens for Good Government PAC, would receive cheap pricing to an official Luzerne GOP event versus members of the Luzerne GOP/ Luzerne Club GOP that contribute directly to the Republican Party but, I digress. The details:

3rd Annual Summer Lawn Cocktail Party
“Meet The New Staff”
Monday, July 25th, 7 – 9 p.m.
Westmoreland Club, 59 S. Franklin St., Wilkes – Barre
With Special Guests:
Lt. Governor Jim Cawley
Mike Barley- Executive Director, Pennsylvania Republican Party
Senator Lisa Baker
Introducing Judicial Candidates Including:
Anne Covey, Vic Stabile, Dick Hughes
Cocktails, hors d’oeuvres
Donation: $150 Person/$250 couple
Preferred Pricing:
$125 Person/$200 couple for Club GOP Members
$75 Person/$150 couple for members of Citizens For Good Government PAC
RSVP 854-1171 or

Monday, July 11, 2011

Democrat Mayor Tom Lehighton’s Hiring Practices Exposed

As the Citizen’s Voice reports, ethical questions surround Democrat Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton’s hiring of family members on the Wilkes-Barre taxpayer’s dime.

The jobs were apparently not advertised yet, the good Democrat Mayor’s family members found out about them, applied for them, and received them.

Lehighton’s excuse? He didn’t use his position as the City’s executive to hire his family for an unadvertised job, he was simply forced to act on the recommendation of his hand-picked Human Resources Department Director who actually is a subordinate employee to the Mayor.

The State Ethics Commission is pretty plainspoken on conflicts of interest:

"No public official or public employee shall engage in conduct that constitutes a conflict of interest. A conflict of interest is defined as use by a public official or public employee of the authority of his office or employment or any confidential information received through his holding public office or employment for the private pecuniary benefit of himself, a member of his immediate family or a business with which he or a member of his immediate family is associated." – PA Ethics Commission

June 2012: Obama's Economic Record

Something strange happened on Meet the Press yesterday...

David Gregory interviewed Timothy Geithner, Obama’s hand-picked Treasury Secretary, and pressed Geithner on the economy and Obama’s failure to manage it.

He displayed a graphic, which Geithner quickly dismissed, that encapsulated the Obama Economy.

The graphic is above.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why I'm A Democrat

The Young Democrats actually put out the video above. A funny follow-up below:

You should be a Democrat because:

"Hope is the stuff of dreams"

"Because of the Patriot Act" which apparently he missed Obama's reauthorization of...woops!

"I'm a Democrat because I believe the government should take care of its citizens," personal responsibility and individual liberty be damned.

"I'm a Democrat because we are the party of civil rights"...except when they are leading the charge for segregation and slavery. This is the most offensive statement in the video. Since education seems to have failed these Young Democrats, some missing facts on the Democratic Party's record as it relates to civil rights:

  • The Democratic Party adopted 6 party platforms in support of slavery from 1840 to 1860.
  • Seven Democratic presidents owned slaves.
  • The Democratic Party platform adopted 20 party platforms in support of segregation.
  • It is a fact that Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution. The 13th banned slavery. The 14th effectively overturned the infamous 1857 Dred Scott decision (made by Democratic pro-slavery Supreme Court justices) by guaranteeing due process and equal protection to former slaves. The 15th gave black Americans the right to vote.
  • The Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. It was passed by the Republican Congress over the veto of President Andrew Johnson, who had been a Democrat before joining Lincoln's ticket in 1864. The law was designed to provide blacks with the right to own private property, sign contracts, sue and serve as witnesses in a legal proceeding.
  • The Democrats opposed Civil Rights Act of 1875. It was passed by a Republican Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses Grant. The law prohibited racial discrimination in public places and public accommodations.
  • The Democrats' 1904 platform, which devotes a section to "Sectional and Racial Agitation," claiming the GOP's protests against segregation and the denial of voting rights to blacks sought to "revive the dead and hateful race and sectional animosities in any part of our common country," which in turn "means confusion, distraction of business, and the reopening of wounds now happily healed."
  • Democrats segregated the federal government, at the direction of President Woodrow Wilson upon taking office in 1913.
  • And of course, the fact that three-fourths of the opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Bill in the U.S. House came from Democrats, or that 80% of the "nay" vote in the Senate came from Democrats. Certainly there is no reference to the fact that the opposition included future Democratic Senate leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia (a former Klan member) and Tennessee Senator Albert Gore Sr., father of Vice President Al Gore.
The fact that these Young Democrats believe this is either a measure of the failings of our education system or a measure of the success of the Democrats to whitewash history. You be the judge.