Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Obama Administration Thuggery in CA

The Obama Administration is apparently bringing back the debtors prison.
According to an ABC Affiliate in California, the US Department of Education sent 15 SWAT team members to a man’s home, breaking in the door and putting him in custody for hours over a defaulted student loan.

As it turns out, the loans were not even his. They were his estranged wife’s. That didn’t stop them from smashing his door in and putting him and his three small children in a squad car in the California sun for six hours.

This is a chilling example of the Federal Government seriously overstepping. Even if this action was completely legal, it was completely stupid.

Since it was the Federal Government that issued the order for the SWAT team to collect on the defaulted student loan and since it occurred in Congressman Jerry McNerney’s District, he should immediately look into the matter.

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illiterate dyslexic with alzheimers said...

This is exacatly what happens when those who serve in government abandon the concepts of limited government and inalienable liberties.