Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MSNBC's Race to the Bottom

MSNBC is the most biased "news" network going. Under the guise of reporting on Texas Presidential contenders (presumably to portray them in a negative light, coincidentally when Republicans from Texas are entering the race) he starts with Bush and the claim that the Supreme Court decided his election and then pivots into Democrat LBJ stating "as we all know" Johnson was never actually elected Commander in Chief, he merely succeeded JFK and then didn't seek re-election since his unpopularity was so high during the Vietnam War.

Note to MSNBC MORONS, LBJ did succeed JFK...but he was also was elected in 1964 over Barry Goldwater.

Thank you for proving that your average 8th Grader has one up on your newsroom when it comes to basic American history.

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